rider standards

Camp & Rider Standards

Camp & Rider Standards

Here at Arrivée we recognise that not everyone has the same ability and that different people have different goals from a cycling camp. Therefore, we run a variety of camps aimed at a variety of rider standards, with each camp having an over-riding aim.

Camp Classifications

Training Camps

Our next Training Camp

These are our bread & butter, our pièce de résistance. We’ve been running training camps since 2013 and been going on training camps for much longer! Our camp organiser and lead guide, Peter, has been riding since 2006 and racing since 2008. He now competes at national level in the UK and Belgium, riding for Team KTM UK, so knows how to get the most of his training camps!
Our training camps combine load with quality, and for riders completing all the ‘A’ ride options, its not uncommon for them to hit 850km and 16,000m of riding during the week, peppered with various 5-, 10-,15-,20-,40-minute and sprint efforts. Even all our ‘B’ ride options add up to more than 500km and 9,000m of climbing. A much-loved feature of these camps are the ‘race segments’: a pre-determined section of road or a climb where the whole group has a small race simulation, ranging from 10 to 40 minutes. One guide (depending on who’s the freshest!) initiates proceedings at the front of the group, whilst the back is supported by the second guide or the support vehicle. The camp regroups at the end of the segment, usually at a cafe or beauty spot. The last 15km or so of each ride is a chaingang effort.

We tend to keep our cafe stops down to a single coffee once or twice a ride or incorporate the cafe stop as the regrouping point after a race segment. We aim to keep non-riding time to a minimum so you can maximise your recovery time at the hotel.

Naturally, these camps are aimed at riders aiming to compete or have fast sportive performance. If you tend to ride more than 250hours a year, or regularly 120km rides within 4- to 5- hours,  then these camps are suitable for you. You will need a base level of fitness to make the most of these camps.

Our training camps are placed just before and during the season.

Endurance Camps

Our next Endurance Camp

Our first endurance camp was to Gran Canaria in winter 2016, when the most important part of training is building a big, strong base on which to build on during the training camp and consequent races and events. As a result, this is the aim of our endurance camps: getting in lots of hours in the saddle at a slower pace compared to our Training Camps, with a bit more time spent in cafes.
We still incorporate a few race segments throughout the week, just to add a bit of variety into the rides, although not as many as during the Training Camps.
You don’t need a huge level of fitness prior to these endurance camps – if you can ride 4hours both days on a weekend, at an average of 14mph+(hilly terrain) or 16mph(flat terrain) then you’ll be fine. Alternatively, if you ride around 150hours+ a year then you’ll also be fine.
With all that out of the way, our guides who do all the ‘A’ options still knock out 850km on Endurance camps, with all the ‘B’ options adding up to 360km.

Rider Standards


Regularly competes in races and fast triathlons.

Club/Fast Sportive

Regularly heads out on long rides on the weekends, trains with racers or accomplishes fast sportive times.

Sportive/ Occasional Rider

Occasionally completes sportives and long rides, approx every 2 weeks.