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FTR Racing Team Murcia Spring Training Camp 2016 report:

The ‘monster’ day followed, with a climb of Mt Espuna. 40 miles of relative flat took us to the base of this beast, whereupon we were set out with handicap timings on the 16 mile climb. The route had numerous switchbacks and boasted a great view from the military base at the top. The descent was awesome, and the ride back in the twilight, immense. Extra food that day.

Special mention must go to Peter, who would often get out for extra miles before or after the day’s ride and to Andy to did an absolutely stellar job as support driver

Nick Guest, Club FTR

Suzie Richards, Gran Canaria Spring Training Camp 2016. Full report here.

After a few hours riding we would generally find a café [in the sun] for a coffee. Pretty different to huddling by the radiator in a Yorkshire dales café!

A fantastic week of sunny mountain cycling with some swimming and running thrown in too. If you can get away from the British winter weather for a week’s training, it is well worth it.

Suzie Richards


” I can highly recommend Arrivee Travel, Peter and the Team. I have known Peter for a number of years, and find him to be an extremely friendly, honest and diligent person, in addition to a very knowledgeable and extremely talented cyclist (which definitely helps when working in the trade).

I have been on two organised trips through Peter and his company, and they have been absolutely superb; both in value for money and in experience. The routes were well thought out, taking into account rider capabilities (often offering a split point where any fatigued/social riders can opt for a more casual ride home) and the general objectives of the participants, and rather than follow everything to plan Peter had the sense and intuition to make changes if/when required. For example, this year in Calpe we had planned a 100+ miler on a day when the weather was unexpectedly cold and wet, but after scaling the first mountain pass in wind and rain, Peter made a decision to return via a familiar, low route back to the hotel, with the option for riders to get warm, changed and ride again if they chose to. While the days are planned months in advance, with route information, elevation gain, distance and café stops well thought out, as shown by this one (of many) examples, Peter clearly has the knowledge and sense to adapt and respond to unexpected variables in a way that only an experienced cyclist who appreciates the need to adjust when necessary will do.

Peter uses social media very effectively, and a Facebook Group is always created months before the trip, drip feeding information and sharing blogs and articles relevant to the area you will be riding in, which helps build the excitement and anticipation prior to the trip. This is a very useful place to ask questions and share information both in the lead up, and during the camp itself.

Having a support vehicle on hand every day was brilliant, and allowed all riders to enjoy the roads travelling light. In addition, Andy (the ‘Driver’) was always in great spirits; he clearly enjoys being there and his enthusiasm was always great to see. In addition to providing extra food, drinks and nutrition, and first aid plus repairs (all included in the price) the support vehicle was also on hand to collect injured/fatigued riders too.

The hotels I stayed in were very cycling friendly, with very good rooms and excellent all you can eat buffets (much needed when you’re burning 4000+ calories a day!). Peter was always there; arranging everything with the hotel staff, speaking with the café stop owners, at dinner, in the bar and on the rides, and was always ready with information and advice. The atmosphere was always superb, from the bleary-eyed pre ride banter at breakfast through to the chat at dinner or at the bar about the ride that day telling tales of the “race climbs” and awesome descents. Onto the rides themselves; these were superb and very well designed. It helps that you are riding with Peter, who is a Cat1 cyclist (but essentially Elite level) and so is always there at the front to guide the way. The two trips I have done have included some of the best cycling I have ever experienced, and the impact of these trips to my cycling (I am a Cat2 rider and race regularly) can’t be underestimated. The training benefit from these trips is excellent, and they seriously help convert the previous months of winter miles into race ready fitness. This year, the weekend after I returned I took 2nd place in a very popular Cat 3/4 road race (… Peter won the equivalent 2/3/4 race on the same circuit an hour later haha!).

In summary, I would highly recommend Peter and Arrivee Travel, and genuinely can’t wait for my third outing in Murcia next April. ”

J. Twedell {Spring Training Camps – Calpe 2014, Albir 2015, Murcia 2016}

The Club FTR racing team, Murcia Spring Cycle Training Camp 2016
J.Twedell and his FTR racing team, Murcia Spring Cycle Training Camp 2016

” Having been on numerous supported training camps over the past few years I can certainly recommend Arrivee Travel as being the best so far. The accommodation, vehicle support and organization was exceptional, as was the navigation and professional leadership of the rides! For anybody thinking about going on a supported cycling holiday/ training camp look no further than Arrivee Travel. ”

S.Wallis {Spring Training Camps – Albir 2015, Murcia 2016}

S. Wallis and his teammate from All Terrain Cycles Racing Team
S. Wallis and his teammate from All Terrain Cycles Racing Team

” I’ve been away with Arriveè travel twice now and both times I have come away very impressed with my experience. Both trips were very well organised and planned out so that literally everything was taken care of, I just had to turn up with a functioning bike and the legs for the riding! A couple of standout points for me were the fact that you have a support vehicle to carry all your food and tools which just adds to the experience – and the riding itself which was very well thought out on both occasions. I look forward to my next Arrivee Travel training camp! ”

J. Tomes {Spring Training Camps – Calpe 2014, Albir 2015}

J Tomes Albir 2015
J Tomes Guadalest, Albir 2015

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